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Visa change is a convenient option using which existing Dubai visa holders can change their Visa and increase the number of days they stay in UAE, by obtaining new Visa for 30 or 90 days. This option is very convenient for people from far away countries because it helps them to change their Visa on its expiry without having to fly to their home country. We, at Timreytravels, provides this service at a very affordable rate described below. For applying for visa change, we will need a clear colour copy of your documents such as your current visa copy, your passport copy, and a colour photograph with a white background. Also, keep in mind that your passport should have at least six months of validity left for a successful visa change to happen. While applying for a visa change, keep in mind that the visa issuance will strictly depend upon the UAE immigration department and Timreytravels will not be responsible for any rejected visa application. Also, note that no refund will be issued once you made the payment for the visa change process. If immigration requires any additional documents, the applicant will be responsible for submitting the same to us. You need to provide all the required documents for visa change within three working days of filing the visa change application. If any delay in submitting the documents happened from your side, we would not be responsible for the delay incurred in your visa processing .

Information on various types of Visa Change

If you are planning to stay in UAE for a more extended period than what was expected initially, you will need to change the status of your Visa. There are three types of visa change services provided by Timreytravels. They are bus visa change, A2A visa change, and home visa change. Whatever be the reason for your longer stay, we can arrange an airport to airport visa change for you so that you need not go to your home country and return for a visa change. With this new service, you can fly to a nearby country for a few hours and come back to UAE for an A2A visa change. In most cases, you can renew your UAE tourist visa on the same day if you select our A2A visa change package. Another option for extending your Visa is Bus visa change. You need not go to any airport or board a plane if you choose this method for your visa change. The main advantage of choosing this method is that it is less expensive. You need to report at 5 PM, and the bus will take you to Oman border where you can check in and relax in a hotel. Next day by 8 PM once your Visa got changed you can come back to UAE. Another option available at Timreytravels for visa change is home visa change. This method does not need you to exit UAE and enter again for a visa change. Instead, you can change your Visa electronically with a few instant, user-friendly steps which make the entire process very easy and fast. .

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